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0 101 Sexual Positions DVD $26.55

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101 Sexual Positions DVD

101 Sexual Positions DVD from the Sinclair Institute for Better Sex. Filmed in tropical Jamaica. Nothing spices up a sex life more than trying a new position! This fun and sexy film was shot on location in beautiful Jamaica. Hosted by sexuality educator, Jamey Waxman, M. Ed., known for her energy and irreverent humor. 101 Positions for Lovers will take you on an...
Sinclair Institute SI719125
0 Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant 8oz $16.95


Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant 8oz

To design the Better Sex Essentials Gel Personal Lubricant, we took the same glycerin-free formula as our superior Liquid Lube and made it thicker for a no mess, no drip application. This personal lubricant is excellent for all sexual activities and particularly recommended for anal and adult sex toy use to provide complete, well lubricated coverage. The Better Sex Essentials Gel Personal...
Sinclair Institute SI3265
0 Better Sex Liquid Lubricant 8oz $15.53


Better Sex Liquid Lubricant 8oz

This lubricant from Better Sex is glycerin free for worry free vaginal use, stain free, latex, silicone and condom compatible. Essentials Liquid Lubricant is a water based lubricant that provides a long lasting, silky feel and is suitable for all intimate encounters. Its' stain free formula is compatible with latex and silicone. You can feel safe knowing that Bettersex Essentials Liquid...
Sinclair Institute SI3264
0.375 Better Sex Sensual Body Oil 4oz $12.85


Better Sex Sensual Body Oil 4oz

The perfect oil for a slow, sensual massage. Nothing's as sexy and sensual as a long, slow massage from your lover, that tantalizing feel of hands on skin that both relaxes and arouses you. Better Sex Essentials Massage Oil is a rich, smooth oil designed make your massage more seductive, a blend of natural oils that feels so silky all over your body. Features: all-natural ingredients. No...
Sinclair Institute SI7084
0.5 Enhancement Ring $35.83


Enhancement Ring

Sinclair Institute Products Enhancement Ring is a soft, sturdy sleeve fits snuggly over penis shaft for a stronger, longer lasting erection. Ribbed exterior and texture adds girth for more pleasure. Second stretchy rings fits comfortably around testicles for a more powerful orgasm. Textured, touch activated clitoral vibrator adds hands free satisfaction for her. Water-resistant, removable multple...
Sinclair Institute SI7430
0 Essentials Toy Cleaner 4 Fluid Ounces $8.31


Essentials Toy Cleaner 4 Fluid Ounces

Sinclair Institute Essentials Toy Cleaner because a clean sex toy is a happy sex toy and an even happier toy user! Get your sex toys completely clean with this antibacterial, easy to use Better Sex Essentials Toy Cleaner. It makes for a safe, hygienic toy experience every time. Benefits: prolongs the life of your sex toys. Anti-bacterial. Non irritating, non alcohol...
Sinclair Institute SI3268
1.18 Natural Contour Energie $49.77


Natural Contour Energie

Natural Contours® is proud to introduce the ÉNERGIE™. The perfect weight resistance trainer for the pelvic floor muscle, it is sleek, effective, and ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort. Now more than ever women are seeking a long and fulfilling active sexual life. As was discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in his early work in the 1940's, a toned PC (short for...
Sinclair Institute SI2013
0 Naturally Fresh For Him 4oz $11.93


Naturally Fresh For Him 4oz

Naturally Fresh For Him! Protect your sensitive spots! Are you tired of the unpleasant chaffing, odor and discomfort in your sensitive areas? Apply this silky cream to those areas prone to unwanted moisture and feel the relief. The cream turns into a moisture absorbent powder that is oh so refreshing. You can apply it to your groin, chest, thighs, feet and buttocks...
Sinclair Institute SI9069
0.61 Onyx $39.83



CyberGlass prostate wand provides smooth insertion. Rounded handle and specially angled tip with raised ridges. CyberGlass conducts hot and cold temperatures without cracking or breaking. Quickly warms to body temperature during use. CyberGlass is easy to clean; it can be boiled or placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. Ultra hygienic, waterproof and non porous. Phthalate free.
Sinclair Institute SI9008
0.18125 Optima Kegel Balls $24.07


Optima Kegel Balls

Sinclair Select Optima Vaginal Toning & Pleasure Balls. Optima Kegel Balls increase health and pleasure! Weighted, silicone, vaginal toning and pleasure orbs help strengthen the PC muscle to help reduce the risk of urinary incontinence, prepare for and recover from childbirth, and maintain vaginal tightness for improved sexual response and stronger orgasms. Optima Kegel Balls come with a...
Sinclair Institute SI7565
0.2375 Sinclair Institue Fulfill Penis Extension Kit $34.83


Sinclair Institue Fulfill Penis Extension Kit

Sinclair Institute Products Fulfill Penis Extension is a clear choice for the best selling couples toy! A see-thru extension adds 3 inches of length plus additional girth along the entire length of any penis or standard vibe. Add a stretchy cock ring to maintain stronger erections longer. Include a vibrating mini bullet that can be inserted into ring for clitoral or testicular stimulation. Use...
Sinclair Institute SI7427
0.30625 Sinclair Organic Lubricant & Moisturizer 4oz $21.61


Sinclair Organic Lubricant & Moisturizer 4oz

Sinclair Institute Select USDA Certified Organic Lubricant. USDA Certified Organic Personal Lubricant and Moisturizer. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs all chemicals that are then circulated throughout. Sinclair Institute Select Organic Lubricant and Moisturizer is the naturally healthy choice for chemical free lubrication. Strict organic guidelines guarantee the ingredients...
Sinclair Institute SI8174