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Rapture Novelties

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0.29375 Leather Ankle Toe Bondage Strap $35.13

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Leather Ankle Toe Bondage Strap

A unique way to bind up the feet and ankles in this bondage strap configuration. The large strap fits around both ankles and cinches them together. A second strap lead to a toe cuff that encircles both big toes cinching them together. The ankles and toes cannot be separated and are held tightly together. Used in a standing position, the victim is forced to stand at attention and is unable to move...
Rapture Novelties RAPSJK008
0.3 Rapture Leather Mask OS $74.35

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Rapture Leather Mask OS

Leather mask with eye, nose and mouth cutouts. Fits under the chin. Two adjustable buckle straps fit over the head and around the head. An adjustable chin pocket strap fits around the neck. Made of pliable leather with stitched edging and silver rivets.
Rapture Novelties RAPTZ003
0.3 Rapture Ring Gag Leather Steel $30.83

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Rapture Ring Gag Leather Steel

Rapture Ring Gag Leather and Steel. Stainless steel ring gag with adjustable black leather strap. The ring's inside diameter is 1.75 inch (4.5cm).
Rapture Novelties RAPKS004
6.42 Stainless Steel Ankle & Wrist Bondage Set $276.15

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Stainless Steel Ankle & Wrist Bondage Set

Rapture Stainless Steel Ankle and Wrist Bondage Set. Matching set of cuffs and shackles with integrated allen key screw lock. Made of high quality heavy stainless steel. Cuffs include a connecting link. Shackles include a 1 foot (30.5cm detachable polished connecting chain Cuff inside diameter: 2.22 inches (6cm). Shackle inside diameter: 3.25 inches (8cm). Heavy duty polished stainless steel....
Rapture Novelties RAPWAR21
0.95 Stainless Steel Paddle $92.95

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Stainless Steel Paddle

Stainless Steel Paddle from Rapture Novelties. A paddle fashioned from light gage stainless steel with a finish polished to a mirror appearance. This is a paddle with a lot of versatility. It can be used with force to deliver a stinging wallop or lightly for a more gentle sting with the sensation of hard steel. The cold hard steel can offer a unique sensation of its own when pressed again bare...
Rapture Novelties RAPWP98
2.23 Steel Band Bondage Set 5pc Small $193.91

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Steel Band Bondage Set 5pc Small

This is 5 piece suit of Stainless steel bondage gear. It include wrist, Ankle and Collar. Each piece is made of a stainless steel band covered with a soft black rubber edge and backing. The set includes the connecting chain and locks. The pieces can be disconnected and used separately for added bondage versatility. Each piece is adjustable to 3 different sizes. The width of each piece is 1.75...
Rapture Novelties RAPGS11S
0.19 Urethral Plug Smooth 3.25 Inches $46.93

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Urethral Plug Smooth 3.25 Inches

A smooth shaft and a very gradual taper offer the beginner in urethral stimulation a gentle and safe introduction. The shaft of this plug measures only 3.25 inches long. It features a bent shaft end for easy insertion, control and safety. The end of the plug starts at a mere 3/16 inch diameter and tapers up to maximum diameter of 5/16. The shaft bent end is only 1/8 inch in diameter. The...
Rapture Novelties RAPCC64