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Empire Laboratories

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0.97 Clone A Willy Medium Tone $59.83


Clone A Willy Medium Tone

Bathing will never be the same with this Do It Yourself Clone A Willy Soap Kit! Includes the specially timed molding powder that comes with every kit AND a bar of luxurious meltable soap!
Empire Laboratories EMP009
0.38 Clone A Willy: 1 Bag Molding Powder $16.43

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Clone A Willy: 1 Bag Molding Powder

If at first you don't succeed, try it again! A bag of Molding Powder includes enough material to make 1 mold. Please note: this item does not include necessary directions, molding containers etc. included in a complete kit.
Empire Laboratories EMP017
2.23 Make Your Own Vibrating Dildo Kit $96.27

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Make Your Own Vibrating Dildo Kit

Using the bodydouble complete vibrating dildo kit you can safely, quickly and easily make a perfect, realistic, life-size rubber copy of any penis and balls in intricate detail. Every kit comes with simple, easy to follow instructions, a bucket to mix the compound in, a cylinder to make the replica in and top quality rubber compound to make the perfect replica of your penis and scrotum.
Empire Laboratories EMP002