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0.038 Durex Avanti Bare 3Pk $5.15

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Durex Avanti Bare 3Pk

Durex Avanti Bare Condoms 3 Pack Next-to-nothing feel. Durex's thinnest condom Ultra fine lubricated latex condom. Super soft and super comfortable. Latex condoms tailored fit makes it easy to put on. Thinner and more sensitive than regular latex condoms. Natural feeling unique latex material. Each condom is individually tested for maximum reliability. Durex Avanti condoms are made from a...
Durex R30252
0.03 Durex High Sensation Lubricated 3pk $4.37

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Durex High Sensation Lubricated 3pk

These special textured condoms feature large ribs set further back to add even more enjoyment for the female partner. A fitted shape, slick lubrication, and a low latex scent make it as pleasurable to wear as it is to use. Individually tested for durability, these condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy as they add erotic texture to your lovemaking.Color:...
Durex R245
0.3 Durex Intense Sensation Extra Large Condoms Dots 3 Pack $4.81

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Durex Intense Sensation Extra Large Condoms Dots 3 Pack

Treat your partner to an incredible ride by slipping on one of these lubricated condoms. Covered in hundreds of raised studs, Durex Intense Sensation condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases while offering extra pleasure. A low latex scent and superior electronically-tested durability ensure that protection during your next wild encounter will be both fun and secure. Lubricated for a...
Durex R9658
0 Durex Love Box Feeling Display $76.47

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Durex Love Box Feeling Display

Stylish. Discreet. Handy. Love-Box by Durex condoms are in 8 tins that each hold 3 contoured condoms.
Durex R30289
0 Durex Love Box Pleasure $76.47

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Durex Love Box Pleasure

Love-Box. Copenhagen. 3 Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms. Select from 16 Designer Tins! New Designs Every Year. Intensify her sensation with hundreds of raised dots and sensual ribs. Choose these great-looking discreet tins for your nightstand, bag or car. Feel the confidence of knowing you always have protection close at hand. Made from natural rubber latex. Reservoir end. Nominal width: 56mm....
Durex R30291
0 Durex Play Utopia $33.17

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Durex Play Utopia

A special gel to increase clitoral arousal, Durex Play Utopia increases blood flow to the clitoris, resulting in more satisfying sensations and pleasure. Simply apply a few drops directly and enjoy the effects. The non-staining formula is water based and gentle on the skin, easily applied with the pump-style bottle. Discreet and classy packaging enables the bottle to blend in with your...
Durex R30237
0.03 Durex Pleasure Pack 3 Pack Condoms $4.57

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Durex Pleasure Pack 3 Pack Condoms

Try out some of Durex's most popular condoms with this exciting assortment pack. Each condom has been electronically tested to ensure reliable protection against STDs and pregnancy.Included in the assortment are a Performax condom, which features a climax-delay lubricant for him; an Intense Sensations condom with a raised and studded texture, and a random Colors and Scents condom for a...
Durex R30042