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Dr Clockworks

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0.25 Dr Clockwork Eagle Talons Set Of 5 $16.61


Dr Clockwork Eagle Talons Set Of 5

Dr Clockwork Eagle Talons Set of 5. One of our most popular accessories! Every kit needs a set of eagle talons. This set of 5 eagle talons is the perfect beginners tool for those learning to use the body contact. Each set of eagle talons comes in a small plastic jar to prevent accidental loss. Dr Clockwork for electrical and medical oddities.
Dr Clockworks DCTALON
0 Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel $10.79


Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel

Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel. No one who appreciates toys should be without a Wartenberg Pinwheel! Sometimes referred to as a neurological pinwheel, neuro wheel or simply a pinwheel. Sensations from this handy toy range from a scintillatingly sensual prickle to a wickedly sharp pin pricks, depending on how much pressure is applied. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel,...