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Dr Clockworks

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0 Dr Clockwork Comb Electrode Orange $81.93


Dr Clockwork Comb Electrode Orange

Dr Clockwork Orange Comb Electrode. One of their most popular electrodes! Dazzle your friends with this color changing electrode! A rarer electrode can not be found&#44; and Dr. Clockwork has made this electrode even more special. Their comb electrodes have a condenser coil in the spine creating an intense TENs toy&#44; and an evenly distributed spark. <br /><br />Always...
Dr Clockworks DCCOMBO
1.65 Dr Clockwork Orange Wand Kit $161.81


Dr Clockwork Orange Wand Kit

Dr Clockwork Orange Wand Kit solid state travel kit. Dr. Clockwork Solid State orange wand&#44; three electrodes&#44; and our travel case. The petite&#44; hard plastic case measures a scant 9.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.5 inches making it the perfect travel toy that you can toss in a toy bag or check in your luggage for long distance trips. No longer do you need to carry around a...
Dr Clockworks DCSSVWKITO
0 Dr Clockwork Rolling Drum $19.89


Dr Clockwork Rolling Drum

Dr Clockwork Rolling Drum. This spiked rolling drum&#44; much beloved by our own Miss Patience Virtue&#44; is a sensation toy. On its own&#44; it gives a feeling not unlike a massage. However&#44; when used on skin that is Tender&#44; the sensation becomes at once more intense! Should you add the Violet Wand&#44; it gives a desirably punishing sensation. It measures 2.8...
0 Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel $10.79


Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel

Dr Clockwork Wartenberg Wheel. No one who appreciates toys should be without a Wartenberg Pinwheel! Sometimes referred to as a neurological pinwheel&#44; neuro wheel or simply a pinwheel. Sensations from this handy toy range from a scintillatingly sensual prickle to a wickedly sharp pin pricks&#44; depending on how much pressure is applied. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel&#44;...
1.67 Dr. Clockwork Body Contact $53.97


Dr. Clockwork Body Contact

Dr Clockwork Body Contact. The single most important toy in your violet wand kit is the body contact. Extend your play to over half the periodic table! With the body contact&#44; anything that is metal is now your toy. Hold the end and push sparks&#44; or have someone else hold it&#44; and pull them from your willing victim I mean volunteer! The body contacts come spark gapped for...