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0.8 Aneros De Vice Prostate Massager $71.99

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Aneros De Vice Prostate Massager

deVice is an optional way to enjoy the full silicone experience of the award winning Vice but without the vibration. The area used to house the vibrator has been filled with silicone to give deVice a solid inner core.This beauty is an evolution in prostate massage, built with the quality materials and craftsmanship you've come to expect from Aneros. Unlike other products on the market, the...
Aneros ANE20
0.18 Aneros Marksman Disposable Water Based Lubricant 6 Applicators $13.37

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Aneros Marksman Disposable Water Based Lubricant 6 Applicators

Aneros Marksman Disposable Water Based Personal Lubricant Applicator with 6 applicators. Take aim with the Marksman. Open the back door to a whole new kind of pleasure. With a wealth of nerve endings, the anus allows for a pleasurable experience, but proper lubrication is key. For a fun, safe and comfortable experience, it is important to relax, go slow, and use sufficient lubrication. <br...
Aneros ANE31
0.16 Aneros Progasm Blue $61.71

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Aneros Progasm Blue

The Aneros Progasm is the newest member of the Aneros family. It is the largest Aneros to date, and in addition to a newly design perineum tab, boasts a K-Tab which will increase sensations up and down your back.Mobility is a key to success with our products, and despite its size the Progasm moves inside the man's body to provide a robust prostate masssage for incredible pleasure.
Aneros ANE07
1 Aneros Tempo Metal Prostate Massager $71.99

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Aneros Tempo Metal Prostate Massager

Aneros Tempo is a part of the The Aneros Stainless Steel S2 Series. The S2 Series is made of medical grade Stainless Steel and features a beautiful mirror-like finish. Known for its integrity and ability to retain both heat and cold, Stainless Steel has long been regarded as the ultimate material for sensual exploration. The S2 Series is a true achievement in form and function, you will wonder if...
Aneros ANE14
0.3 Progasm Ice Male G-Spot Stimulator - Clear $61.71

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Progasm Ice Male G-Spot Stimulator - Clear

Every Aneros Progasm Ice is a one-of-a-kind. The production process creates a unique air bubble, making each one unlike any other. The sleek design provides an intense prostate massage backed by our patented hands-free design. Despite its appearance, the Ice is not made of glass. Rather, it is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic which is rapidly being used as a...
Aneros ANE13
0.69 Progasm Jr $51.43

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Progasm Jr

Faithful to its namesake, Progasm Jr. produces the same robust prostate massages of the Progasm Classic, while its smaller scale is ideal for regular use. Progasm Jr. utilizes the same environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art manufacturing process as the Progasm Black Ice. Great things come in small packages. The Aneros Progasm Jr. provides users with a smaller, but equally enjoyable...
Aneros ANE18